I offer Aloha, and Komo Mai, “Welcome” to my world.  This website is ahead of my book publications, but fragments, excerpt and articles will also be featured.   Feel free to comment if it is pleasing.  Otherwise, just delete and move on, you have other things to do.


Kalaheo Sunset.

Ever transforming the light…the sun touches down after a long journey across the skies…

Loving Kaua’i even more after 50 years than my first steps on the tarmac in our funny little open air airport.  I feel the great green hug of Kaua’i’s fragrance envelop me in the soft breeze and moist breath of the mountains.

Every day a miracle unfolds around me.  It is here in the Garden of Life–flowers everywhere and GREEN, the great Green of new life.

Becoming a writer since 4 years old….

I received my first little post office set, which included rubber stamps and a stamp pad.   I could build words from tiny orange rubber letters, and set them in a little groove and slam it on a paper.  At four, you think everything takes effort and enthusiastic joy!

Magic of words, thoughts that can linger….

Such  joy to leave it behind, and later come back from tea, and the WORD was still there.  It didn’t disappear!

My writing life path winds back and forth over these beaches and mountain trails since 1971.  A lifetime ago, and a cornucopia of richness, relationships and rough times, and the many blessed ones.

The biggest blessing is the community of wonderful people who know so much more than you can imagine.   You have to listen to learn.   Hawaiian protocol is you watch, you listen, and you don’t ask questions.   Not so easy for Westerners.  Especially Americans from the mainland.

My first business was a hiking company, Way back when Kenai Helicopters first arrived, before Curt Lofstedt, even.    We were dropped into hidden valleys and cliffs where there were no trails, just the shimmering leaves and light cascading down in a hundred different forms.  Alone with the heart of Kaua’i is the finest place to be.   And when you aren’t physically here, you can still find it in your heart.

The constantly evolving interplay of the ocean, the winds, the clouds and the velvet folded mountains create heart stopping moments of pure joy.

The deepest “Aloha” in the world, comes from this island, the rich volcanic soil, and spectacular beaches, that surround it. One of the oldest inhabited islands, it is home to unique species of flora, fauna, and extraordinary humans.

As you explore my offerings of aloha, may your heart be touched with essence of Kaua’i, and your own magnificent gifts.

Aloha makes us one in happiness.
Virginia 🌺🙏🌈